Finance centers of the future

We all know about New York, London, Tokyo and Frankfurt as the financial capitals of the world. But have you heard about Busan, Casablanca, Kuala Lumpur and Buenos Aires? You know of these metropolises, yet you probably did not think of them as financial hubs of the world. A lot of business takes place in these cities every day, just like at the Infinity App website, and in a few years, these cities will be among the most important spots on the financial map of the world.

Casablanca is a place where you can find much more than just souks and tajine. Today it takes advantage of geography, and it`s favorable position as the connection between the continents. Busan, on the other hand, is the fifth busiest port in the world and, thanks to that fact, it attracts a lot of capital from all over the globe. Kuala Lumpur is already a well-known financial hub, but the importance of the Malaysian capital will continue to grow. Finally, the beautiful Buenos Aires, the town of tango and football, after a decade of financial crisis, grows to become the leading financial market of the South America.

Poster Campaign: I am an Immigrant

Immigrants are part of the fabric of our society. Its time to celebrate, not vilify.

Following our successful fundraising campaign, you are now able to participate in the campaign further in a number of ways:

  1. Upload your own photo and story to the interactive iamanimmigrant.net website.
  2. Donate through the paypal account
  3. Put up posters in your area

To order all 15 posters to use in your areas.

We have packs of 15 printed A3 posters of the 15 ‘faces’ of our campaign which we would be happy to send to you. Please send your poster requests to max@jcwi.org.uk

We would request a donation of £10 per set to cover printing costs.  Donate here to the MAX campaign to cover the printing costs.

We also request that you reimburse us postage and packing costs. Each pack costs £3.00.

Ways to pay £3.00 postage costs:

To pay now via WorldPay Click on icon below

Pay by GoCardless

  1. Click on the website link here.
  2. On completion you will receive a confirmation email for your payment.

Images for use online:

Please see below a link to the dropbox for JPEG images of the 15 posters. These images are not ideal for printing purposes but could be used on an online format.


And as layers if needed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fnrczrcsharr0na/iaai-posters-jpgs.zip?dl=0

Supported by International Organization of Migration, TUC, NUT, Unite the Union, Migrant Voice and many others.


Right to Rent Checks – Our Survey


From 1st December 2014,  landlords in the ‘pilot’ areas, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell and Walsall will need to check the immigration status of tenants, sub-tenants and lodgers, entering into new tenancies, who are aged over 18 and pay for their accommodation, to assess whether they have the right to rent in the UK. This means that they must have current leave to be in the UK. For more information see the main page Right to Rent Checks – Our Survey