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Famous business women

Many people tend to think that the world of business is run by men, exclusively. They may be right, but women entrepreneurs are just as important in the world of business. Women CEO`s and managers have their say in the jungle of modern business. The number of female entrepreneurs just keeps growing. Many have entered the world of business as small startup companies and grew into multi-national corporations. Some run their own IT companies or internet trading platforms, like HBSwiss.

One of the most famous is Cher Wang, the co-founder of the mobile phone giant, HTC. She is reported to have 1.6 million dollars of net worth. Next up is the TV legend, Oprah Winfrey. A multi-talented TV persona, Oprah is more than just a TV host. She is a successful producer, philanthropist, actress and more. In the last 25 years, Oprah has accumulated around 3 billion dollars in wealth! Moving to Africa: the richest woman in Nigeria is FolorunshoAlakija. In case you did not hear of her, she has about 2.5 billion dollars of net worth. She started with a tailoring company and soon invested into a lot of other business like the oil and printing industry.

The Movement Against Xenophobia came out of frustration at the constant anti-immigrant, anti-immigration policies and rhetoric coming from the Coalition Government, the populist media and organisations such as Migration Watch.

Migrants play a positive role in the UK, financially, culturally, socially and in differing arenas such as public services, sport, the arts, academia, business science, cuisine, construction, agriculture and retail.

It is argued that “it is not racist to debate immigration” which is true, unless you come out with racist things in that debate. Racist things like the advertising vans calling on migrants to ‘Go Home’ just like the National Front did in the 1970s and 80s.

The Government are rushing through Parliament a new Immigration bill which is both vicious and nasty. They plan to curtail access to healthcare for irregular migrants and to stop landlords renting property to people who cannot prove their eligibility to live in the UK. They are attempting to take away rights of migrants in an attempt to look tough in the eyes of tabloid editors. These measures will lead to discrimination at best and possible harm to people could also result.

The presence of UKIP on the political scene has hastened a race to the bottom of the mainstream political parties as each chases the intolerant anti-immigration vote.

MAX is determined to stop this. We know that there are many thousands of people who would prefer a welcoming, egalitarian and diverse society in the UK. We know that huge numbers of people watch or listen in disgust as the UKIP / Migration Watch / Conservative / tabloid machine pumps out more and more misleading and prejudicial information. We know this results in racism. The thousands that oppose this are finding their voice.