Most important word in business

Who went to business school, understands the basic principles of business and economy – profit, rate, growth, capital and so on. But you should not think that profit is the principle notion of business, even though profit is what drives investors, just like on The Brit Method platform. The key word is people!

The concept of profit

Greed is good, as Gordon Gekko would put it. However, profit is not the only thing which drives a business man. It can also be prestige, competitiveness, curiosity, and altruism. But if you are after the good old concept of making a profit, check out the Millionaire Blueprint webpage.

Election strategy

The General Election 2015 is set to generate more anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies in the run up to and, quite possibly, the aftermath of polling day.

MAX, a civil society network of over 100 organisations, ranging from small migrant NGOs to Unite, the UK’s biggest trade union. It has a collective membership / reach in excess of 2 million.

We have an elected steering committee which compromises of 2 people employed in protection / asylum / refugees,  2 with a media background, 3 with a legal background in immigration, 12 campaigners working or volunteering in race or immigration or loosely related sectors. We have a diverse  committee – just six of the nineteen members are white British, some of them second generation migrants.

Our aims in the run up to the General Election are two-fold:

1. To mobilise the centre-left / left to articulate reasons and arguments for supporting and appreciating immigration.
2. To use that articulation to persuade the middle ground to move towards a similar viewpoint.

Using the network we have created over the past 8 months we (the active core of MAX) can be a small cog turning a larger one (the membership of affiliated organisations) that will in turn have an influence on a few million (their contacts, workmates, college associates, friends and families). With the poster campaign we aim to speak directly to the wider public.

We will use clear messaging, analysis of the claims of anti-immigrant parties and opinion formers, and progressive pro-migrant facts, figures and experiences. We will also highlight the impacts of negative coverage and opinion.

Tools and Projects:

Using our blog

The new MAX Website will have a blog section which all Steering Committee members (and other designated people) will be able to blog on. We will offer a critique and analysis on press articles hostile to immigrants and asylum seekers, written as rebuttals and ripostes to the articles, and the facts and figures, economic and cultural arguments and personal experiences of people to present a forward looking and inclusive dialogue about immigration.

Social media #noxenophobia

Reporting individuals’ experience of xenophobia, in the style of #everydaysexism on a dedicated website and on  twitter. This will serve to bring to people’s attention the extent of xenophobia and catalogue the experiences of migrants in the UK. The experiences may be serious or minor, outrageously racist or niggling and annoying. It will demonstrate the results of the toxic immigration debate currently raging in the UK.

The key to success of this project will be to engage networks of people in submitting their experiences. The organisations involved in MAX and others related should provide the project with innumerable participants.


MAX has had a couple of very successful street mobilisations to date:

1. The People’s Assembly protest against austerity on 21 June 2014. We attracted a huge amount of interest, distributed 1000+ leaflets, gained 187 new twitter followers, 4 new supporting organisations and a big influx to our facebook group.

2. On 9 July, we were a prominent part of the Divided Families Campaign protest outside the Home Office, we managed to enliven a small protest and, importantly, show we are not a single issue Immigration Bill movement!

We will identify protests, not strictly about immigration where we will have a good progressive audience, open to the ideas represented by MAX, in order to recruit to the team of proponents for a decent immigration debate.

If we judge the forces are in place for such a venture, we would like to call a protest in the month before the election in support of migrants’ rights and against the xenophobia and racism of the parties involved in such sentiments in the election campaign.

Poster campaign

We have in place the process of producing a series of high quality images of selected immigrants accompanied with a slogan proclaiming their personal contribution to UK society e.g. “I have taught 8,500 school students over 20 years, I arrived in the UK in 1983.” or “I have saved 187 lives working as a surgeon in the NHS, I arrived in the UK in 2009” or “I have cleaned this office 1200 times, I have survived by working two cleaning jobs, and my husband working 2 as well, we arrived in the UK in 2001” or similar.

A call for respect and decency

Inviting a cross-party panel of pundits / political figures to issue a call for an evidence led / inclusive debate on immigration in the GE campaign in October or November, Giving the campaign video testimonies and appeals, quotes and data to build upon. Possible panel members could be: John McTernan (former advisor to Tony Blair and Julia Gillard), Ian Birrell (former speech writer for David Cameron), Sarah Teather (outgoing Lib Dem MP) or Evan Harris (ex-Lib Dem MP).


Autumn 2014:  Implementation of remain provisions of the immigration Act 2014

5 – 8 September Green Party Conference Birmingham

6 September Right to Remain annual conference London

7 – 10 September TUC Congress

21 – 24 September Labour Party Conference Manchester

26 – 27 September UKIP Conference Doncaster

28 Sept – 1 October Tory Party Conference Birmingham

4 – 8 October Lib Dem Conference Glasgow

9 November International Day Against Fascism & Anti-Semitism

18 December International Migrants Day

7 May General Election